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PART 6 - Is that an excuse I hear?

‘CrossFit isn’t for me because… my weight, strength, mobility, or I just can’t do that type of training, it’s too hardcore’.

There is not an ideal shape, or fitness baseline for CrossFit. This expands on my previous post ‘Part 3 - I’m not fit enough’

I hear a lot of different excuses thrown around for not wanting to try CrossFit.

‘I probably shouldn’t exercise because I have a bad, shoulder, back, knee, foot, almost everything…. well sorry to burst your bubble but exercise is the most important factor in healing an injury.

‘I’m too old to exercise’ studies have shown just one in four people between the ages of 65 and 74 exercises regularly. Other research shows that starting exercise late in life can still cut the risk of health problems, such as diabetes --and show improvements in balance, strength, blood pressure, endurance and bone density.

EVERY movement we do in the gym has the ability to be scaled so anyone can take part AND, be successful doing so. The workouts have several scaling options. They are designed to satisfy from the day 1 beginner J, through to the experienced athlete (who has been training for several years).

If someone does not feel comfortable doing box jumps, or has a limiting injury, one substitution could be step ups. Instead of pull-ups we may recommend ring rows. Those that cannot run might jump on a rowing machine or bike instead. The scaling options are endless! So definitely don’t let your mobility, injuries, capabilities or weight be a reason for avoiding CrossFit or any Functional Fitness program. One thing is clear, no one cares what option you choose, all that counts is that you don’t quit.

So does this sound hardcore so far? That fear you have may ultimately stem from fearing the unknown. To say CF is too hardcore without even giving it a try is not really fair. Once people give it a try, most realize that it’s not this crazy program and intense environment filled with super fit people that they may have imagined it to be. It’s actually just a regular fitness program designed for all experience levels, filled with all ages, all genders and all sizes. If you come and you still think it’s too hardcore or not for you, that’s okay. At-least you can walk away having given it a try (but I doubt you will feel that way!)

Everyone has to start somewhere, and you will definitely end up surprising yourself!

So tell me, what's your excuse?

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