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COVID19 Special! - Member Spotlight


How do you go about mentally preparing or keeping yourself healthy each day? Routine and connection. Pre-iso, my days and weeks mostly looked the same regarding work, gym and driving kids to and from sporting commitments etc. The biggest challenge I have wrestled with is the change to my routine, which is generally the same day in day out, week in, week out and as well as the loss of face to face connection with friends and family. I have committed to waking up at the same time each day, like I would pre-iso, training on the same days I normally would and joining ZOOM sessions when possible to get my face to face (iso style) connection fix.

What is ONE goal you set yourself every day? BE ACTIVE. I train first and foremost for Mental Health, so setting myself the goal to either do a Crossfit workout or walk (I’ve attempted to run, knees just won’t cooperate), each day helps to keep me on track mentally.

What is your favourite at home Exercise? DUBS

With DUBS being included in more of our recent workouts I have noticed an increase in strength and an improvement in technique. Getting higher numbers of unbroken skips is a great motivator!

Now we have more free time on our hands, can you recommend a Movie/TV, Show/Book you have discovered in Iso? My fave NETFLIX series is YOU, The Fall and Animal Kingdom. Fave TV Shows is (mostly) anything reality based; Gogglebox, RBT, Ambulance ( I love watching other people mess up!!).

I haven’t read anything for quite a while but my two favourite books are;

An Invisible Thread, a true story about kindness and how small gestures matter.

Tuesdays with Morrie, a true story about a young man who reconnected with his former College Professor, Morrie. Morrie who has Motor Neurone disease shares ‘life’ lessons with his former student in his final months of life.



1. The 6 week challenge at the beginning of 2020 was the kickstart I needed (Thank you) to get my diet on track. I have continued with meal prep, eating lunch and not just snacking and including more fruit and veg in my diet. This has helped me feel way better about myself during this time. I just know that I’m a nicer person if I start my day with a workout. And for my mental health I need to move.

2. My one goal is to get out of bed at 5-5:30am and do the WOD. I do it 5x a week like I would If the gym was open. Saturday I rest and Sunday I go for a long walk. This is my ideal week. Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan with the kids and all that is going on. I’m getting a tiny bit better at not beating myself up over that though...

3. I love a burpee and I love anything with a dumbbell. Love a good chipper and a metcon. Like to feel dead.

4. I would love to say I have discovered a new book or show but the reality is that once the kids are asleep I’m normally asleep on the lounge also!



1. I find starting my day active- getting up and going run before work sets my mood & healthy mind set for the whole day. I’ve also keep a strong focus on keeping up my water intake as I think that helps me to stop unnecessary snacking. 2. To get outside & be active.. I like to wake up early and take slinky for a run before starting work and then do a wod in the afternoon when work is over. Being cooped up inside all day working I think it’s important to get outside whenever I can. 3. Alternating dumbbell snatches & dumbbell cleans 4. Money heist on Netflix is great! Me- by Elton John (not usually into biographies but it’s a good read)



1. At the moment I’m not planning too much ahead - we know this isn’t permanent and there is so much uncertainty. Trying not to be too hard on myself for changing the routine or snacking and drinking a bit more than normal.

2. I try to do at least one workout or walk every day (our puppy is loving life!). Even when it seems challenging, I always feel so much better for it. Completing a WOD with my gym bestie at 5ish a.m almost makes life feel normal again!

3. My favourites are usually the heavy lifting - like a short barbell metcon. So I’m missing these a bit, but enjoying the dumbell snatches and cleans and I don’t mind the dubs either!

4. I’ll admit I just finished Tiger King - I couldn’t stop watching but there’s 8hrs of my life I’m never getting back! I’ve also been watching lots of baking shows and the kids had their own ‘Nailed It’ challenge, which was super fun.



1. How do you go about mentally preparing or keeping yourself healthy each day? I have actually decided to use this time to focus on some healthy eating. Karina has recently put together a meal plan for me which has been really good and it’s helping me get back on track during this crazy time.

2. What is ONE goal you set yourself every day? Go for a walk or run with the dog and surprisingly I have been achieving that goal.

3. What is your favorite at home Exercise? 4. Sit-ups and Russian twists

5. Now we have more free time on our hands, can you recommend a Movie/TV Show/Book you have discovered in Iso? 6. After binge watching money heist, we have just started watching Ozark.

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