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Welcome our New Coach!

Amanda Lenton

CrossFit Life CSP is proud to announce a new member to our coaching team! If you haven't met Amanda yet then you are missing out! Amanda brings with her so much experience, knowledge, and on top of that a caring & fun personality. We are Super excited to have her join and strengthen our coaching team.

"Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, I started working at a local gym when I was 15 and obtained my Fitness Quals as soon as I was old enough, to allow me to teach group fitness and work on gym floors. I had always planned to have a career in nursing, however after spending two years as an AIN, I decided that caring for the sick and elderly was heartbreaking and that instead I wanted to spend my time motivating and educating people to stay healthy and out of hospitals and nursing homes.. I’ve worked in multiple roles across the fitness industry and currently manage sport and leisure facilities where I teach our teams the value of the impact this industry can have on communities.

I’ve been involved with Crossfit since 2008. I was working at a gym on the central coast when Jason Haywood, CF athlete and coach approached us to rent space out in our group ex room to start running CrossFit style classes while he worked on opening his box. He invited us to train with him and I was pretty confident I would smash the session no problems.. I was a PT/ Group Exercise Instructor, addicted to spin / body combat/ training multiple times a day etc and had a pretty decent engine. He set me up a box and gave me an empty barbell and told me to warm my overhead squats… I couldn’t do them, my tiny arms I could barely hold the bar over my head.. I remember going home in tears and from that day I was committed and determined to improve.

I began training daily at CrossFit Body M and increasing my strength, improving skills and understanding of Oly lifting. In the last ten years I’ve trained across dozens of boxes throughout the Hunter and Sydney as iv moved around with work, and experienced ranges of programming styles and coaches. My fitness and strength have gone up and down over the years, with life /work pressures but I always do what I can.

I began coaching about 4 and a half years ago, after completing my Level 1 and re-doing my Cert 111 and 1V in Fitness. I wanted to coach because as a PT I loved training and working with a range of clients, I understood the challenges of learning a new sport and really enjoyed teaching people how to break down various skills and lifts to help see results faster and stay motivated. I like to keep training fun and supportive and have never taken it too seriously. I coached at various boxes for a few years before taking a role with the Team from CrossFit Norwest. As a coach, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with athletes from all areas of life, from people that have never exercised to Regionals and Games level athletes and have made lifelong friends that I now call Family. To me, helping someone perform a first handstand-pushup or Muscle up is just as significant and fun as supporting my mates or athletes at regional events or the Games.

I came to Crossfit CSP Life after finding the box on social media and meeting the coaches at Masters HQ at Norwest. I knew that they were my kind of people so I joined and haven’t looked back. I loved seeing the CSP Life community come together at the Hunter games, the support I get each day from the 6am crew and the level of support that comes from each of the coaches. Crossfit CSP is home to so many strong, funny, supportive people and I am loving getting to know everyone.

I am passionate about Crossfit because I believe the community and the competitive competent provide a powerful platform for people to start and continue regular activity... I really believe that the skills we learn in the box, cross over into so many other areas of our lives, making us stronger individuals both physically and mentally.

My favourite movie is Armageddon because its the best space movie of all time.. if you want to watch it with me let me know, I’m free.."

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