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What is Crossfit?


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At CrossFit LIFE CSP our training methodology and programming seeks to achieve continuous and sustainable growth. It is our belief, that a wide variety of movements, modalities, intensity and duration is not only what achieves results, but is critical to eliminate injury. This also provides an environment of continuous motivation and a personalised experience.


Everyone is welcomed and accepted from day one, we are not just friends but family. We embrace new challenges, we work on our weaknesses and we continue to build on our strengths. We believe in our programming and strong community atmosphere where you are guaranteed to sweat, smile, laugh and become the best version of yourself! 

Are you ready to join the CrossFit Life CSP community?



what to expect

It’s always great to meet CrossFitters from other places and gyms. If you have 3 or more months experience  at another CrossFit Affiliate you are welcome to come in and try a few classes.

We understand each gym can be run differently so we want to make sure you find CrossFit LIFE CSP a great fit. All we ask is that you fill in the contact form below or send us a quick hello on FB. Following your free sessions you can choose which monthly sign up option works best for you.



CrossFit may seem daunting, or you may not understand  what CrossFit truly is, and others convince themselves that they cannot do it.

Our job is to make your introduction simple with our FREE intro sessions to find out how we can help you

achieve your fitness goals.  ​CrossFit is truly inclusive, adaptable to all ages and fitness levels. Your needs and those of the elite differ by degree not kind.

You do not need to be fit to start CrossFit.

Book your free class to get started :)

New to



At CrossFit Life CSP our goal is to make your workout the best hour of your day. We strongly believe in the CrossFit mantra of mechanics, consistency and then intensity which simply means that you should develop your technique first (mechanics), become very consistent with your technique and then add intensity.

We pride ourselves on developing a supportive and dedicated community where the only requirement for inclusion is your willingness to learn, work hard and have fun
! and the occasional laugh :)



I first discovered Crossfit Life after attending an Introduction class purely as moral support for my brother. I was training elsewhere at the time but was so impressed with what I saw that I also signed up. At the commencement of my Crossfit journey, I trained 3 days a week – after 8 months, I am disappointed if I can’t attend at least 5 sessions a week. I’ve become fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been or could ever have imagined.


The members and Coaches are a second family to me; they’ve become a very important part of my life and help to keep me motivated in my fitness journey.



CrossFit life CSP is the first CrossFit gym I have tried. Before joining, I tried commercial gyms, HITT training gyms such as F45 and I enjoyed them but they didn’t encourage me to invest in a tough training regime and focus on my health as much as CrossFit. CrossFit has ignited my love for health and fitness and the family at CrossFit life is incredibly supportive. The trainers create such a safe and uplifting environment. Many people think that CrossFit is too difficult but I encourage you to try It because the trainers cater for beginners to advanced trainers.



It has certainly changed me for the better! It has shown me anything is possible with the right training and commitment. The new people I’ve met over these months I can now call friends and now I realise when people say this is addictive they weren’t wrong!


You know you’re in for the long haul when you keep telling yourself I’m having a rest day but that day never comes because you don’t want to miss a WOD for some reason or another.

And didn’t I need that moral support it’s hard to believe it was so long ago now when we were first learning movements with a pvc pipe and thinking to myself how the f%!k am I ever going to do this with a barbell let alone with weight on it as well but dedication has definitely paid off!!



[2021] Update - I've been at CSP for over a year and it's become like a second home. The new gym is one of the best in Newcastle - spacious and clean, with three new bathrooms, a café, merch shop area and more upgrades on the way. This beats a globo gym any day of the week, check it out!

[2020] A CrossFit box with a friendly atmosphere, encouraging community, up-to-date equipment and challenging programming that anyone can sink their teeth into, regardless of how far along you are with your skills. The owner is welcoming and works hard to ensure it's only ever good vibes. From beginners to old masters, I can't recommend CSP highly enough.



When I first started I wasn’t sure about trying certain things because I kept thinking pfft there’s no way you are going to be able to do that.


By the end of my first week, my body was soooo sore I though s%#t how am I going to keep this up? but your body adapts, sure you still get sore,but it’s a good sore.


Turn your frustrations into drive, if you feel defeated by something, let that fuel you to beat it.


CrossFit Life  CSP - Cameron Park

42D Stenhouse Drive

Cameron Park, NSW 2285

Ph: 0490 873 492

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