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nutrition services

IT Consulting

30min Consultation - $60

A 30 minute consultation to discuss your current nutrition intake, behaviours and what improvements are required to support the achievement of your health or athletic performance goals.  Face to face, video call, or phone call all accepted.  You’ll be required to complete a detailed questionnaire and come prepared with a list of questions. After the consultation you’ll receive a brief coaching plan that summarises the key points and actions agreed on during the consultation. This is a great option for individuals who have limited nutrition knowledge or your just not sure where to start! After the consultation you may choose to select one of the meal plan packages below to further support your needs and goals.

Cooking Eggs

Basic Meal Plan Package $120*

•A meal plan containing 2 options for 3 x Main meals , snacks and where applicable supplements to meet your individual Nutrition requirements & preferences.

•Your Personal Nutrition Profile


"Coaching Plan" containing individual Nutrition requirements such as Daily Energy Needs, Macro Nutrient targets, fluid requirements and guide on food options to meet these requirements for flexible meal planning, review and analysis of your current Nutrition behaviors and strategies to overcome any health concerns or challenges as identified in your questionnaire.


•A 15minute implementation consult. (Face to face, phone call or video call options)


•4 weeks of email support during implementation.


Healthy Cooking

Premium Meal Plan Package $160*

• All basic meal plan inclusions - PLUS:

•12months subscription to the Nutrition for Life & Performance Nutrition Recipe database (this is normally $110/y).


Ideal if people wanting extra variety with recipes designed by me to meet specific health &/or performance goals complete with all necessary nutrition information for weekly meal planning






Young Father Cooking

Nutrition for Life & Performance Nutrition Recipe database

Subscription to online program containing over 75 Recipes designed by the Nutrition Coach to meet specific health &/or performance goals complete with all necessary nutrition information for weekly meal planning.

Additional Coaching and Nutrition education categories.






$35 3months



$60 6months



$110 12months




Please contact the Nutrition Coach directly on if you would like discuss any of these options prior to purchase.



•Basic & Premium meal plan packages will require health clearance check via a risk assessment form. Individuals assessed as being is a high risk category for nutritional changes as a result of current health conditions will require medical clearance from a GP prior to services being delivered. If an individuals GP deems the Nutritional services detrimental to their health and is unwilling to provide a clearance on these grounds, a full refund will be provided.

It is the full responsibility of the individual to declare any current known health conditions, and provide correct information regarding any aspect of your current physical status.



Amazing what a few changes can do to our bodies.
I too, haven’t had my usual sugar cravings. I even threw away my ultimate favorite mars bar bites as I just didn’t feel like them,


A huge win for me too!!!
So much more energy and we are only one week in.

Usually i am an emotional eater and go straight for chocolate or ice cream when stressed. Instead I had a glass of wine while food prepping to treat myself 😊

I usually have to bring work home and my habit was sitting there late at night working and eating junk 😥
So am feeling 100 times better this week. I felt comfortable all week as opposed to some days where I just feel bloated and a bit meh...
So, thank you for providing the tools for change



Reflection time!
One week in and I'm feeling amazing.
I've made two small changes this week. I've been coming home and having my breakfast straight away, rather than showering first. I was already having protein in my oats but I've enjoyed putting them into a shake this week instead.

For lunch, I was having chicken and avocado sandwich but this week I made Karina's Mexican bowls for John and I and we both loved it. We loved the taste but also loved how we felt. My energy levels have definitely been more consistent.

It's education week this week and it's been a huge week at work. Monday and Tuesday home by 6pm, Wednesday and Thursday home by 8pm. So I've only cooked one meal this week with the rest being leftovers or oven food. I look forward to cooking more dinners next week. Despite having a huge week at work, I trained every day at 5am and have definitely felt more energetic. And it's been a big week at the gym this week. I've barely had muscle soreness and I've noticed little differences like an improvement in my skin etc.
Feeling amazing and cant wait to see what next week brings!!