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PART 5 - Strong is Beautiful!

This one is for the amazing ladies and might just be my favourite to answer! So I decided to write about this as it was literally asked in one of my most recent phone calls. 'Will I get bulky doing CrossFit? I don't want to put on mass just get lean'

The short answer is: YOU WONT! Yes, you ARE guaranteed to get stronger and you ARE going to build muscle! On average you will work out for 45 minutes to an hour a day, 3-5 times per week, NO I’m sorry to say, you will NOT get bulky and look like Arnie in his prime! This misconception comes from seeing the strong, and at times, muscular female CrossFit athletes on Facebook or Instagram. I personally think strong women are, attractive, inspirational and their strong physiques are a testament to their hard work and dedication.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being strong; with being powerful; with being fit and healthy. Nothing! However, I understand that many women do not necessarily want to gain that kind of muscle in their fitness journey. But you have to consider the individuals who compete in the CrossFit Games are professional athletes.

It’s like comparing yourself to an elite player of any sport. In order to build that kind of muscle, you have to eat a certain way and make working out your full time job. The same goes for the CrossFit Games athletes. They work extremely hard to build that kind of muscle and those bodies, eating very specifically and working out several hours every day, every week.

To simplify it, the “normal” everyday CrossFitter will not get “buff” or “muscly” unless you are making the effort to specifically do so. You are going to get strong, bloody strong!! And pretty darn fit and who knows? once you give CrossFit a try, maybe that fear of getting bulky will go away and replaced with the emphasis on performance and your OVERALL HEALTH rather than your appearance.

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