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PART 3 - I'm not fit enough for CrossFit!

This is probably one of the most common ones heard from gym owners and friends, and the biggest challenge with introducing new people to CrossFit. The misconception that CF is not for beginners.

Many have it in their minds that CrossFit is only for the super fit, and in order to start, you need to join another gym first to get in shape. If you keep telling yourself: “I’ll give CrossFit a try once I’m a little more fit or I lose a bit of weight first”, then it may just never happen!

You do not need experience, athletic background, or some base level of fitness to begin CF. If you want to play a game of footy then being able to run around for 90 minutes is going to help you significantly, if you can’t run for 90 minutes then there is some truth in the statement ‘I’m not fit enough for footy’, but with the correct training program that goal is achievable. CrossFit isn’t just a sport, CrossFit is a style of training that is designed to help individuals improve their health and fitness, continually, for the rest of their lives.

Your average CF member is not elite. The CrossFit Games are Elite. The athletes who qualify for the Games make up less than 0.01% of CrossFit participants.

CrossFit Life CSP as like all CrossFit gyms are made up of regular people of all ages, shapes and sizes just trying to improve their health and fitness. Mums, Dads, Students, Grandparents and Full time workers simply coming together to get better. Our member base is massively varied in fitness levels and all workouts are scaled to each individual. Everyone might look fitter when you’re standing from the door but in reality you’ll find many of them were beginners just like you not all that long ago.

Of course we welcome people who are already fit but our biggest passion is for those who have worked up the courage to try something new. CrossFit gyms are filled with trainers and members who love to see someone who is getting out of their comfort zone and I promise you, you will find you’ll have more support than any other place you have ever been.🙋

I often tell people, everyone has to start somewhere, and you will definitely

end up surprising yourself! 😀

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