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Stanton Moore Groove Alchemy.pdf athrand

Stanton Moore Groove Alchemy.pdf

Stanton Moore Groove Alchemy.pdf

Download Stanton Moore - Groove Alchemy.pdf Aitkin, M. Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy. Aitkin. Devon, UK: RCA Groove Arts, 1988.. 1989. References Category:African-American culture Category:African-American music Category:Drumming Category:Music books Category:Musical performance techniquesCLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams wants to be able to build up his reserves of money in the meantime that he is on paid administrative leave as the city’s top cop. He’s sent an e-mail to City Council and City Manager Ed Lillibridge outlining the eight ways he plans to save, $50,000 a year, to pay for his position during a 30-day paid administrative leave. First is to cut back on his personal cell phone. Second is to retire his second home, paying for it out of his personal savings, rather than using the city’s reserves. Third is to eliminate his use of the paid-for use of the city’s black SUV, saying it’s “very dangerous for the city” and asking city Finance Director Ed Aldridge to review his use of the vehicle. Fourth is to cancel his private gym membership. Fifth is to have his daughters pay their own way to visit the Cleveland Clinic in Florida, where his son has been diagnosed with cancer. Sixth is to discontinue his use of the city-paid computer server that serves as his home office. And seventh is to not buy any new equipment for his office that isn’t available for free from the city. “We are definitely going to have to cut back,” Williams said in an interview with on Friday. “And if this takes some sacrifices, I will be willing to make those sacrifices.” As chief, Williams is on the city’s top 10 list of highest-paid employees. He took home $152,565 last year. A city source told in April that Williams was paid $76,800 last year for the eight hours he worked a week. Since his April 2018 hiring, Williams has been on paid administrative leave. A section of Cleveland’s municipal code says the chief, as of Sept. 1, “shall be

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