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Corporate Health Improvement Program 

& Team  Building Workshop


Why choose our program?

Increased Productivity

Employee wellness programs increase engagement  resulting in improved employee retention and increased  productivity.

An employee wellness program engages and benefits  employees personal lives, potentially resulting in a feeling  that their job has a positive impact on multiple aspects of  their lives, and therefore they’ll be more likely to stay with  you long-term.



Financial ROI

A systematic literature review from a panel of expert public  health specialists suggest that the company could actually save money. “for every dollar invested in health  intervention, between $1.40 and $4.60 were recovered in  avoided health and safety costs and productivity losses.



Improved Company Culture

Company culture comprises tons of variables, and many of  them are challenging, and difficult to pinpoint. That’s why  connecting an increase in positive culture with a specific  action is so significant. Employees are more likely to take a  positive interest in company health when they know the  company cares about their personal health.

Build your teams performance through nutrition, fitness and wellbeing activities  promoting team engagement, competition and recognition.

Each Base Program comes complete with:

  • A 4 Hour Team Engagement Heath, Fitness &  Performance Workshop off site at Life CSP Gym

  • Body composition scan p/p + discount vouchers for follow up scans 

  • A 12 week online RISE Team Health & Fitness Challenge  with Nutrition Program

  • 3 Month online Nutrition & Wellbeing Program Subscription

  • 12 week at home fitness program for beginners & equivalent program for experienced gym goers.

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