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Autumn Edition 1

2 x 6 day meal plan

A menu which provides meal suggestions for Breakfast, lunch & dinner plus 2 snacks each day for 2 people.

Snacks can be interchanged if they are still consumed on the same day they are planned to gain the same nutritional balance for that day.


If you would prefer you can also save one of the snacks throughout the day for a night time snack (dessert) if its consumed 2 hours before you sleep.


  • Vegetable Slice

  • Choc Coconut Balls

  • Protein Pancakes

  • Whole Orange Cake

  • Mediterranean Meat Ball bake

  • Lemon Grass Prawns with Quinoa

  • Three Cheese & Vegetable Soup

  • Toasted Protein Muesli

  • Pesto Chicken Salad

  • Chicken & Green Rice

  • Meatloaf with mushroom sauce.

Food prep guide

A step by step guide on how to prepare all the food in the menu for 2 people.

The Guide starts on Day “0” (the day before your menu starts), to allow you to prepare most of your meals in advance as well as daily instructions for items to be prepared or assembled fresh each day.


A blank Menu Planning template and shopping list template to design you own meal plans.

Meal & menu planning

A few tips to help you continue with your menu and meal planning.

Shopping List

A complete list of ingredients required to make all meals as per the menu for 2 people.

The shopping list is categorised so you spend less time at the shops.

The “Extra’s category are pantry staples that you may already have, or optional items at might appeal to your personal taste preference.

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